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Supplying Gauteng with Aquarium Fish , Exotic Pets and Superb Service Since 2002
Die Visdam is a pet shop that specialises in ornamental fish, coldwater, tropical, marine, koi fish, custom aquariums, koi ponds, filtration, exotic pets and so much more.

There is nothing more tranquil than a water feature inside or outside your home. Water features like ponds or aquariums boasting with colourful koi, marine or tropical fish, create unsurpassed serenity.

Apart from ornamental fish, fish food and aquarium hardware we also sell pets like:

  • Retiles and
  • Arachnitis

At Die Visdam we aim to be a one-stop shop where people who love fish and out of die ordinary pets can find them here. We therefore provide a wide selection of fish, aquariums, fish food, filtration, reptiles and arachnitis.

Whatever your needs are we will try to accommodate it. We can even create custom aquariums or koi ponds should you require a perfect fit in your home or garden.

Die Visdam is run and staffed by people who not only have a deep passion and adoration for fish and exotic pets, but also love working with people. We are proud of the level of service we offer our clients.

We are a proud member of SAPTA (South African Pet Trader Association).

Apart from providing custom designing and building of aquariums and ponds we also offer services that will ensure the optimum health of your pet.

Contact us or visit our store for more information.

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