Enje Funda Consulting

Enje Funda Consulting

Full Description

Enje Funda Consulting (Pty) Ltd is a well-known company in the skills training business. Through the years we have developed into a prestigious company with a superb track record. We not only have the best qualified staff but we give the best to both client and employee through personal attention.

Enje Funda Consulting (Pty) Ltd is a registered training provider with the ETDP SETA. Enje Funda Consulting (Pty) Ltd renders training services within the ETDP SETA domain that include:

  • Assessors Training
  • Moderator Training
  • Facilitator Training
  • Design Assessment Training
  • Coaching Training (One-to-One Trainer)
  • Skills Development Facilitator Training ( SDF)

Enje Funda Consulting (Pty) Ltd also renders external assessment and moderation services, as well as consultative services with respect to the implementation of the NQF. We specialise in the writing of Standard Operating Procedures and learning Material. We have written the Production Technology Learning material for merSETA.

Training is offered at Enje Funda Consulting (Pty) Ltd’s training facilities in Vereeniging and Johannesburg, various other training venues throughout South Africa can be arranged to meet the particular requirements of our clients.

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