Inncor Training & Development

Inncor Training & Development

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Although there are various technical training institutions in the Vaal, the one aspect that makes Inncor unique, is the choices of national / international courses a learner has when deciding on a future career.


Inncor has over 48 courses to choose from, most of them accredited through City & Guilds, London, Uk. The technical courses as described further are accredited through Merseta. Globalization and choices of international careers is now part of South Africa and Inncor prides itself as an international education player.


Inncor has a high level of professionalism and has to adhere to the high standards of quality education prescribed by City & Guilds, UK and Merseta. Our lecturers are required to have both experience and a qualification of at least one level higher than the subject they teach, thus ensuring that learners receive the hiest levels of educations possible.

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