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Lumber City Kitchens

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I believe the kitchen should not only be for food preparation, but should be inviting to the whole family. It should cater to individual needs. I see the kitchen as the heart of the home and it affects the rest of the home if it is not functioning well. The kitchen should be a harmonious place with all the other rooms in the home as well as the existing decor.”  Shawn van der Heever.

Shawn has completed several courses on design and decorating of the kitchen and home.  Part of his business success is the fact that he takes all the above-mentioned factors into consideration and gives his clients personal assistance.

Shawn can also advise his clients on the correct use of elementary accessories such as glass, lighting, stainless steel and fittings to create a specific ambiance. Lumber City makes use of a vast range of material such as melamine, super wood, wrap, chip veneer and solids, stainless steel and glass.

Because of his involvement in the board industry, Shawn has a sound knowledge of the most up-to-date material. He travels to Industrial Shows worldwide to enable him to stay on top of the worldwide trends and style designs.

He also goes on site to take measurements and gives a 3-D computer design together with a detailed quotation, whilst taking the client’s budget into consideration. The team also prides themselves on the fact that once contracted to perform the assignment, they won’t leave it until the client signs it off.

Lumber City values high standards of work and strives to satisfy their clients. Lumber City also caters for the DIY enthusiast and will assist in the design and manufacturing of all the components. Special hardware requirements are readily accessible for installation.

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  1. patricia says:
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    Good day I’d like for you to design a kitchen for me. My contact details are 078 138 6069
    Please do contact me as I can not find your contact number on this site.
    Kind regards

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