Playz O Fun

Playz O Fun

Full Description

 Playz O Fun offers the following services:

  • Adventure Play: this is a fun-filled, three story maze of ladders, slides, ball ponds, tunnels etc, built to challenge and develop kids’ imagination and mental and physical fitness.
  • After Care: we fetch kids’ from school around Vanderbijlpark; help them with their homework; provide afternoon meals; they have free adventure play and get discount on swimming lessons.
  • Kids Birthdays: we offer 2 hours play of Adventure Play, a private party room with all party accessories. These are hosted by our passionate Fun Ambassadors, to provide kids with everything kids and parents would want to celebrate their birthdays.
  • Wellness Centre: we offer beauty treatments to parents while their kids play.
  • Swimming Lessons: our indoor heated pool is rented out to Swimkidz SA to provide swimming lessons to both adults and children.
  • Café: we serve refreshments from our café area. 

Tel:  (016) 981 5867 or 082 781 8813

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